NYE 2019

I don’t need to narrate this

I’ve discovered

That my mind thrives

In the unknown

And seldom feels the need

To find a way

To be understood

Not anymore

But I will write this down

For perhaps you need to know

That someone

Understands you

Life has a way

Of leading you in circles

Back to yourself

Where you’ll find yourself

As you were

As a child

An innocent

Looking for someone they can trust

To care for them

Guide them

To show them love

And the only thing they want

The only thing they truly need

Is for you to feel it in your bones

That you are that person

Do you trust yourself to heal yourself?

It starts with a breath

Develops into a confidence

That what you feel is true

And that what you’ve been told

Is a mere suggestion

Subject to change

It’s welcome to fall away

And make room

For you to feel without judgment

And draw from the infinite well of love

That’s been masked beneath

The fear of finding out

You are the healer

And the obstructionist

The violence

And the grace

May you silence the stories

Draw kindness into your lungs

And let it flow freely

To every feeling

Every doubt

Every wall ever built

Until you can sit alone

And feel the connection

To all that’s been ignored

And offer love to rough edges

Give them the room to expand

Into the gift

That you already are

That you always have been

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©2020 by Victoria C. Petroff