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I have always had a weird phobia about drawing. Like, I don't know how to, so I shouldn't because it'll be a waste of materials. Of course, it's not lost on me that you don't learn without trying, but there are some irrational fears and logic that can roll around our minds and keep us stagnate. It gets tiresome, doesn't it? Avoiding things you love because you don't deem yourself worthy, or capable. Let's bury that narrative, shall we? It was never our story. Every week I'm going to dedicate time to drawing and see where it leads. Nothing fancy, in this case, an insane love of a child, a 4B charcoal pencil on French Paper card stock and a rainy Saturday afternoon. No expectations, just take the time to try and celebrate the fact that something was created. Join me?

#BreathandGround #CreativeLounge #BabyYoda #CharcoalDrawing #ChangeTheNarrative

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