The Winter Solstice and Great Conjunction

As the year draws to a close the Winter Solstice is upon us. Along with the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius.


If this sounds like jibberish to you, that is perfectly okay. Just know that this is a beautiful time to get to know yourself and step into who you are with clarity and balance. 

Often we find ourselves dissatisfied and frustrated with life, but this dissatisfaction does not reside within our being. It's simply the narrative of how we believe things should be. It's often beneficial to pause and ask, "Are these even our beliefs, or just a hand me down inheritance? Stories. Just stories. The beauty of a story is that it can be rewritten, or forgotten altogether. 

This is evolving into a place of self-discovery. Here I will share the lessons and tools that have helped me to broaden my perspective and welcome change. 

You needn't memorize any sacred texts, or know how to perform ancient rituals. Just show up. As you are. A being that is always fluctuating and evolving. This is one of the many brilliant perks of being human. 

I welcome you to start a new ritual. One that only you can give a voice to, and remember who you are. 

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