Help soothe and moisturize your skin with this combination of organic natural oils and organic turmeric extract. A light cherry blossom scent relaxes while the turmeric addresses inflammation and the oils moisturize and protect your skin. This is a combination that I came up with to help soothe and prevent cracked knuckles and heels. Developed for personal use, it received rave reviews from those I allowed to sample it and they wanted their own! It works beautifully to soften, moisturize and help skin heal, or maintain a healthy balance. Use directly on your skin or add to the bath for a diffusing effect as well as skin nourishment. 


Contains: Cherry Blossom Oil, Turmeric Extract, Olive Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Sesame Oil 

2 oz. Breath and Ground Cherry Blossom Soothing Oil

  • As with all skincare products please do not purchase if sensitive to the ingredients. All-natural does not mean non-irritant to those with skin sensitivities. A small sampling of the product to ensure non-reaction is recommended.  

    I currently do not accept returns on oils and elixirs, so please read the items' descriptions thoroughly and be sure it suits your needs. If items are damaged in shipping, feel free to contact me for a replacement upon proof of the damage and I'll make a claim with the postal service.  

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