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Over the last two years, she has earned a certification in non-profit management. As well as become a certified kundalini yoga teacher and meditation instructor.

Always curious and exploring, Victoria is a multi-skilled artisan with a long history of using her creativity to serve in the non-profit sector.





Her Breath & Ground studio is located at the Friends of New Troy Community Center in New Troy, Michigan. 

Victoria has created content for clients ranging from three-time poetry slam world champion, buddy wakefield to local non-profits like Friends of New Troy and Coastline Children's Film Festival to the area small businesses of Skybird Yoga and The Verdant Faerie.

Victoria prides herself on clear communication, reliability, compassion, earth-friendly creations, and laughing at everything. 

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Victoria Petroff

well, well, welcome! 


king of the studio and budding Instagram Star, Mr. McFloofen

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