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Greetings, and thanks for stopping by! You find me, like so many, paused in between stories, right now. The skills and trades that I've learned over the years are blending and giving form to new creations. It is a joy to give space and let this organically unfold. What exactly do I do? Mostly learn and persistently try. That alone often leads to beautiful and unexpected creations, revelations, and relationships.

On occasion, You will find some remnants of the metalwork/Etsy days on this site. I'm sincerely grateful for the opportunities presented and the people I've met through these creations. Every now and then you can even find a custom piece floating around on my pal Buddy Wakefield's site, or if you dig some spoken work honesty, he'll provide you with some heart and soul at


I am an avid volunteer at and do pro bono graphic design and web work for Friends of New Troy Community Center in little New Troy, Michigan. We've reopened after being closed for over a year and are restructuring and diving into some exciting projects! You can check out what's happening at Friends of New Troy and the community center at


If you want to learn more about me, my original social media links are available below. Admittedly, I'm not incredibly active on them and find myself increasingly drawn outdoors and to face-to-face communications. If you want to reach out, feel free to reach me through the requests page on the site or by emailing at Please be patient, odds are good I am somewhere enchanted by a tree or falling in love with a fur friend, but I'll be back.     


May you find peace and comfort in the moment that is and love and joy in all that you are.  

With Love & Gratitude, 
Victoria Petroff

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